Monday, August 25, 2014

Learning New Techniques Art Journal Techniques and Tangents - Grids

Second segment of AJT&T Number 4

First segment of AJT&T Number 4

 Base background for Pages

After the 61 days of Index Card a Day Challenge was done.  Tammy Garcia developed another project, Art Journal
Tangent and Techniques.  Each Friday in August a journaling technique was shared.  Many of the techniques were taken from Classes Tammy had taught in the past.  I am going to write about them, not in any particular order; rather by the way they made me feel.

The technique I am showing today was about making random squares (a grid if you will) using acrylic paint and a wide paint brush.  First I thought about the book that I would use and the Junk Mail journal came to mind.  I really love this book, but because the pages are brightly colored papers and glossy cards it was going to take a lot of work gessoing each page.   But, but, but.....these squares are simply perfect for covering the page and then creating magic.  Magic I tell you.

Ok, just a little dramatic, but the outcome is something I really love.  Because I have to make my own interpretation to any project,  the squares took on a life of their own.  Inchies, rectangles, 2 inches, horizontal rectangles, vertical rectangles shaped by the collage images I chose to put on the paper.  I finally feel comfortable collaging.  I can finally relate to the concept and I am in love.  

Summer is almost over.  The staycation ends next Sunday.  It has been a blast.  I have had so much fun creating and learning not just about art, but also about myself.

Thanks for stopping by and please say hi.  Comments make me so happy.


Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Week 5 of Staycation: ICAD's done week of June 29.

Week 5 of staycation is done.  It has been so relaxing and full of artsy fun.  I have been working on my index cards and I have been having a ball doing them.  I think the best part is looking at the prompt and thinking of ways to illustrate them.  Below are some of the cards from week 

Red White and Blue of the 4th of July

Tomorowland.  Goody is my favorite Disney Character so naturally
He was the them of my Tomorrowland Card

Coffee and Tea was the theme for this card, but since I do not drink coffee
I dedicated the card to Tea which I love.  Dried tea bags were used as part of the background


Stamps was the theme and in my stash of ephemera I found from ArtFest which turned out to be stamps commemorating
the festivals from 2000 to 2012.

I am so enjoying this summer.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 4 of Staycation: ICAD 22-28

Dear Reader.....

Week 4 of the Staycation and ICAD is done.  Time is going by so fast but I am having a good time.  Below are the Index cards from this week.  Enjoy.

Beach Umbrella
#22 Chlllin' on the Beach

 #24 Brown
Wonky Houses painted on Index card and crinkled deli paper

# 23 Star Wars
# 25 Maple Leaf
Leaves Traced and painted with shades of Orange background shades of green

# 26 Magnifying Glass
In memory of my Mom who had a magnifying mirror that she used to apply her make up as a child I loved that mirror
#27 Album Cover
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon I have always loved this album cover so I set out to draw and paint it
the black is black gesso and the other colors are acrylic paint pens  this was fun because I was determined to have it look just like the cover and I came really close.  I find I like doing linear drawings,  Who knew.

#28 Robot
I have been really letting my mind go with the prompts.  I had to give my robot a name and a purpose; introducing Servibot and Service is its goal coming someday to an IKEA near you.  Servibot has real fashion sense and personality.

Well, that is the week 4 dear reader, Please feel free to leave a comment, it can get lonely here in this laptop.

Until next time......pilgrim

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

End of Week 3 of Staycation

Candy Wrapper 


Harry Potter

Pattern Repeat

ICAD week 3 final four cards with prompts related to Candy Wrappers, the color Orange, Harry Potter and pattern repeats.  I had fun making these.  I find that I love using the 4x6 size index card.  It gives me more space to create.

Candy Wrapper:  I used the wrapper from candy I got in China last year, I used a base of chinese newspaper and then collaged on the candy wrapper.

The color Orange:  A few of the participants used Orange County California to reflect orange.  I got curious about the number of counties in the USA that are called Orange County.  I like how the card turned out and I found 8 counties named Orange County

Harry Potter:  I have never read one word of a Harry Potter book or seen a movie.  I wondered where he lived so I looked it up and drew a rendition of a map I found, that was really a hoot to do.

Pattern Repeat:  I am trying to learn how to use my stencils without having the paint bleed and so it was so fun to use the Stencil Girl Stencil I won last week on this card.

I have found that I like coloring the cards at least the initial layer with ink from stamp pads applied with sponges,  The paper does not buckle and I like that.

Week 3 was a really good week, relaxed, read, cleaned the art room and just enjoyed life

until next week........pilgrim

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 18 of Summer Staycation

ICAD 17/61 Map of Venice and keep sakes from trip

ICAD 18/61 Miss Lucy loves Polka Dots

ICAD 16/61 Using stickers - 

Hello Dear Reader,

The three photos above represent ICAD efforts for this week.  Today is day 18 of my staycation.  I was thinking about  my idea of having a stay at home art retreat and what that looks like.  Let me give you a glimpse of today.

I am in the process of purging as I try to simplify my life.  I tell you it is just amazing the amount of things once can collect overtime.  I want to create and altar and a sacred space but I felt that I could not do it until I removed some of the clutter physically and spiritually.  It feels so good to release.

Then I worked on ICAD for today (will post it on Saturday).  I decided to post the three cards from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  They were so much fun.  At 6 pm I watched a U-stream live presentation of painting backgrounds that was really great.  

Read a post on Facebook about a speech my friend Katie Kendrick delivered in 2012 in Seattle. It was like sitting in the class with her in Los Gatos at An Artful Journey.   I remember how I felt as we prepared each day to paint, calling on the spirit to guide me as I made marks on the substrate and open me up to let my essence flow on the canvas.  Wow it was so deep and in the end, the resulting paintings brought me to tears because I could not believe that the work had come from me.

Then I watched a video by Katie on collage.  I found it on Pinterest and immediately pinned it as it was a great tutorial.  

What a day, what a day.  It was truly a day of creativity,  of peace and I just love this staycation.

Please feel free to leave a comment, it is so encouraging.

until next time....pilgrim

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Staycation - End of week 2

Day 11 - Mixed Up Alphabet

Day 8 Mandala

Day 11 Camera

day 12 Paisleys

Day 13 Book Reviews

Day 14 - Magenta

Week 2 of the Staycation is coming to and end.  This was a week of mixed feelings.  Not about the staycation, I am truly loving it.  It has been a really relaxing time so far.

The mixed feelings come from if it is worth it posting art or writing a blog at all.  It takes a lot to put yourself out there and I wonder if it is really worth it.  I think a lot of artists feel this way at one time or another.  I think the feelings came from trying to be perfect in an imperfect world.  So I just had to get quiet and regroup.

I did not work in my Index cards for a couple of days, watched some art videos for inspiration and took a nap.  Lo and behold it worked.  I started working on my cards and loved the boldness of the colors, and the ideas I had.  I noticed that my cards this year have much more freedom than last year.
I am using a larger card (4x6) and experimenting with supplies that I have.

What else did I do this week.  Tried the Oprah Chai at Starbucks, it is soooo good.  Had a great visit with a friend at Starbucks, visited Premium Outlet Mall on Thursday, had a really great Small church Community session on Tuesday evening.

Week three starts on Sunday, excited to see what this week will bring.  The prompts for ICAD are interesting, but I do want to try coming up with some of my own ideas.  We shall see.

Oh, more groovy news.  I won a price from Marjie Kemper.  She is celebrating her 600th blog post and had a random giveaway.  So happy to win some really cool art products.  Will post a picture when they arrive.

Looking forward to having an arty week.

Until later....pilgrim

Monday, June 09, 2014

Day 8 and 9 of Staycation -

Hand made post card
ATC type cards

Day 8 of Staycation was great.  Busy day at church helping with the Pastoral Council election and participating in the last Mystagogia class for the newly baptized and confirmed.

Then I went to Desert Art supply for the ATC swap.  I miss understood how the swap was supposed to work (other attendees did too).  I thought we were going to make cards to swap and I brought my cute little bag with my travel art supplies.  Trust me I was prepared to create.  Well that is not was was happening, people brought completed cards.  Some were photo copies which I think does not really make them ATC's but I was not going to burst their bubble.  What to do, what to do, panic was not allowed.  I simply pulled out my supplies, my collage pieces, glue and other necessities and proceeded to make 4 ATC's that were traded.  I did not have an opportunity to take pictures because they went too fast.  I will post the cards I got in return tomorrow.  But, it was so much fun and I was amazed at how quickly I worked within the patriotic theme.  The pictures above are representations of other ATC type cards and post cards I have made in the past.

I forgot just how much fun they are to make.

Day 9.  worked on ICAD number 8 - Mandala and 9 Alphabet.  I struggled with the Mandala because I was not confident in my ability to draw Mandala.  Then the lightbulb went off.  I have rubber-stamps that are representations of Mandalas.  O joy, O joy.  I stamped my little heart away this afternoon.  I have to paint the cards and it will be complete. I sometimes forget about using my stamps and stencils in my art.  I have to get better at using all of my tools.

Until tomorrow....pilgrim